There are various forms of ...

There are various forms of discrimination omnipresent, the best way to eliminate discrimination is to get to know each other

In today's society, we can still see sexism, racial discrimination, wealth inequality, ageism, religious discrimination, and other forms of discrimination somewhere. Under the circumstance of globalization and the trend of information free flow, discrimination still obstructs the evolution of our society to the best condition. Homosexuality is not accepted in certain areas, men and women are unequal in education and salary structure though there are more excellent female leaders in organizations and governments; many people still regard Islam as the origin of terrorism, and more other cases.

The United States has a larger immigrant population than any other country, where we can already see an international community in the US. Though the huge migrant talent population bring enormous contribution to this nation, racism and xenophobia still unfortunately exist. Exploring a learning channel where people may be different from us with an open and understanding mind is the creative way to get to know each other. It is not only to broaden people's horizons, but also to open up their hearts to accept what is not the same from them. People are accustomed to having a strong defense against strange and unfamiliar things. Mutual understanding can improve empathy and reach consensus. Consensus is the initial step of teamwork. Without consensus, many things will be stagnant, no progress and no improvement.

In most nations, people know themselves well but have no ideas what other people are in other countries, conflicts happen all the times. We parents may not be able to make the best choices and decisions for the children, but we can provide them the surroundings of least discrimination and misunderstanding, and let them make the most appropriate judgments by themselves.

Alexandra Lin

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