The Importance of an International Environment

I have traveled more than 13 countries in 2018, all places I arrived have the same problem, young people can't find a suitable job after they finished school, the unemployment rate raises high. I believe the problems are, traditional schools don't function well, what the students have learned from local schools can't be used in current circumstances; the second is, most young people have the limited opportunities in their cities, they don't have a chance to explore the other side of the world. 

The reason I gather teachers and students from different locations is to do something to make the situation better. So We encourage teachers to be flexible, creative and teach the things which are fundamental for children or useful in the future. And we also need teachers to create a workshop or assign students to teamwork. In this way, the students will know each other when they collaborate. Having a bigger world vision will let an unsure young man be a Viking, brave to step out his comfort zone to explore more possibilities.

We all know the Era of AI comes, science is the basic knowledge to confront it. This doesn't mean other subjects are not that important, the international language is now not only English but also computer. We can see computer everywhere, in the restaurant, in the hospital, on the street. Computer is also a kind of logic, and Science talks about logic.

I have tried to talk with people and encouraged them to send kids to try online school, this is a low-cost way to build up an international school. Low-cost doesn't mean we don't care about the teaching and learning quality, actually quality is the first thing we care about. We need the right people to support us to make it come true. Chris, the co-founder of SEA, is the first one who chose to totally trust me and joined this plan, he helps us recruit the right teachers though we failed a couple of times. Now more professional educators join us, this unique team is doing something different from before, a revolution of education.

Please share ideas with us anytime you want, in Asia, no second school does the same thing as we do now. We need more talents who are willing to try a blue ocean strategy and not fear of failure.

Alexandra Lin, the founder of SEA

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