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Academy: San Education Academy Website: https://www.sea1.org Job Title: Part Time English Online Teacher Teaching Subjects: *English Introduction, *English entry level, *preparation for primary school, *English reading comprehension, *English grammar writing, *English oral conversation, *math, *science, *history, *geography, *computer science, *economics and finance, *arts, and *music. Students age/level: 4 years old to 13 years old, K1 at preschool to grade 6 at primary school. Every course has 2 parts 1. Self-study course: all lesson materials and exercises must be ready on LMS one month earlier than the real-time live course starts. 2. Real-time live course: *A K level course at preschool has total 25 classes in 5 weeks, each class is 30 minutes. *A G level course at primary school has total 16 classes in 19 weeks, each class is 45 minutes. What we need from teachers: 1. Teacher's name 2. nationality 3. Teacher’s photo (size <500KB) 4. Name of the Course 5. Image of the Course (size < 500KB) 6. Teacher’s Introduction Video Link (3 minutes < duration < 15 minutes) 7. Requested Skills: / Talent LMS (*How to use LMS and upload the lesson materials) https://www.talentlms.com


Sample of lesson materials on LMS


/ ZOOM https://zoom.us/ 8. Course description (< 300 words)(given in the language you will use in class) 9. Course level (K1 to K9 at preschool, total in 9 levels; and G1 to G6 at primary school, total in 6 levels) 10. Course field (please clarify this course to one of the 11 subjects) 11. Class time: Date and Time (the first class must be 30 days later after your lesson materials on LMS and public course information are ready) 12. Lesson Materials (Teachers can provide links to your blog, website, YouTube channels, online documents, or links to specific free learning resources. You can also create your own lesson materials on LMS) 13. Theme of the team project (the purpose of this assignment is to let students practice all they have learned from your course. During the period of doing the project, students have opportunities to get to know their classmates and improve the collaboration strategy, interpersonal skills, and communication abilities.) 14. 4 stages of the team project (The goal of every 4 classes that students need to reach, the whole class will finish a completed team project at the end of 16th class) Payment: US$ 375 and up to US$ 675 for a course at K level(12.5 hours), US$360 and up to US$ 820 for a course at G level(12 hours). Here are some uploaded samples (teacher teaches the lesson in English) for your reference, so you know what to prepare for public course information. This is not "lesson material" on LMS, please note. *You can use any of the seven languages, including Arabic, English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, etc. to start a class. https://www.sea1.org/course-information/g4e06c https://www.sea1.org/course-information/g5e07e https://www.sea1.org/course-information/g6e01lc Forms here (you may use Google Translate to show the form in the language you prefer) Apply form for opening course at primary school https://forms.gle/QQ65Lpmi2S6Qk1ba7 Apply form for opening course at preschool course https://forms.gle/NnbWR6wMbbfvazgu5 You can check the list of courses provided by “English School” to know the subject teachers currently being recruited https://www.sea1.org/esk


1. About teacher introduction, the length of the video is 3~15 minutes. We recommend that you appear in the video to let students and parents know your body language, and introduce how you can use the live class to guide students, and what content students can learn from your course.

Reference video:


The above teacher video provides you with a reference for creating your own introduction video.

2. For the lesson material, please upload the content into Google Drive, your personal channel or website first, and then provide links to us.

3. Team project is to allow students to use what they have learned from your course to daily life. It is divided into four different stages. Each stage is a clear goal that can be completed after four lessons. The four stages are different. You can read the sample from the link that written and provided by a teacher,


Or read the sample below:


<Example of course information submitted by English teachers>


Informative Writing II


English School


Grade 6, Primary School


English Writing


08.30 ~ 09.15 pm, Mon. Oct. 5th 2020 to Feb. 8th 2021 (GMT+8/Singapore time)


Weeks 1-4: Writing Essentials

Writing genres overview

Language features of fiction VS language features of non-fiction

Text features

What makes a good text?

Weeks 5-8: Informative Writing Overview

Informative writing format

Where to start: identifying reliable sources

Synthesizing information from multiple sources

Referencing sources

Weeks 9-12: Writing the First Draft

Developing an outline


Using cautious language

Connecting sentences with transitions

Weeks 13-16: Writing the Second Draft

Eliminating redundancy

Connecting ideas in compound sentences

Connecting ideas in complex sentences



Encyclopedia of Cultures


By the end of this project, the students will be able to:

Identify purpose, audience, and language features of texts representing different genres

Identify reliable online sources

Reference sources

Summarize and paraphrase information from online sources

Create a paragraph outline

Use transitions for connecting ideas

Use different sentence types for connecting ideas

Follow style conventions of informative writing


Writing Genres Reference Book

Students complete a collaborative chart with the features of several writing genres (purpose, audience, language features, text features, examples)


Culture Factsheet

Students research foreign culture and share research findings with proper referencing on a discussion board. On later stages of the project, they will use their research findings for writing an informative text.


Writing the First Draft

Students submit the first draft of an informative text about a foreign culture based on Stage 2 research. The draft is submitted on a discussion board, and the submission is followed by a peer discussion.


Writing the Second Draft

Students submit the second draft of the informative text. The submission is posted in a collaborative document, and by the end of this project, the class will have created a brief electronic encyclopedia of foreign cultures.


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