Should I worry that my kids are behind the class?

No. Well, maybe a slight yes. As a parent you are always looking out for your child. You want the best for them and that is wonderful. If your child is falling behind in class do not panic. There are ways to work around this. Here are some steps you should take if your believe your child is behind:

1. Contact SEA staff to let them know you believe your student is falling behind. SEA will contact the teacher and get some feedback. We will also let the teacher know that you are concerned for your student. If the teacher also agrees the student is behind then they can begin to fix this issue. The teacher might assign extra homework, or give more attention to the student just to see if they are following along.

2. If your student is still not getting it then perhaps some extra help will work. All class videos are available for review for all students. Students are encouraged to review class videos before and after classes. It is recommended that students watch the class video a few days after the class and prior to the next one. The information is more likely to be retained. We can also see about getting your student additional study materials, homework or individual feedback from the teacher.

3. If the above two don’t work then we can adjust levels/classes. There is no perfect system for level placement. Sometimes students can be placed into classes that are not suitable for them. SEA will work hard to place them correctly so the student can be put into a position to succeed.

Understand the difference between falling behind and being challenged. If your student is finding the class too easy this can be just as detrimental as having a class that is too hard. Your student should be challenged each day.

To be good at anything requires struggle. Walk into any high-level music school during practice and you’ll hear dozens of exceptional musicians missing notes, and messing up. Why is this? They are pushing the limits of their ability. They are not allowing themselves to be comfortable at their current level.

We want your students to adopt the same learning mentality.

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