SEA hires teachers from different nations

SEA hires teachers from different nations rather than just hiring teachers from the US or from Canada

Through various free online learning platforms and resources, learning is much easier today than decades before. Most students find the information they need from the Internets with no difficulty.

The functions and role of the teacher are to guide the students to find what they need in a lot of information, lead the students to the solutions when students can't do by their own. The teacher also has a very important function that to make complicated simple, show students how to learn efficiently by arranging complex stuff into organized one.

Teachers from different cultural backgrounds, in addition to teaching knowledge, can also share their living environments with students, share their learning and growth backgrounds to let students know more about different races and cultures. We also recruit students from every corner of the world, we encourage students and teachers to get together to study in real-time and work on the projects that cross through the nationalities.

Because of the cloud technology, we can let teacher and students work together like in a multinational team through Internets, student's learning peer is no longer confined to their own ethnic groups, teachers won’t be geographically restricted. This is what SEA emphasizes, an online school where the transnational, cross-cultural, and cross-ethnic learning happens.

Compared with many single-ethnic countries, SEA has the opportunity to provide an international learning environment for students age 6 to 18 years, SEA also provides a platform to aspiring teachers in different continents to challenge this new borderless education model which breaks the walls of traditional schools.

For SEA, you should not view it from a traditional perspective, you should not criticize it with the traditional values, you should not use the existing norms to limit it from the future expansion. If your child is already in SEA, please let your child attend the various courses opened by global teachers who can bring your kid cultural immersive experience.

If you are already a teacher in SEA, please don't use old methods to teach the knowledge that the Internets or AI can provide. A teacher’s greatest value lies in the elements of developing himself or herself to be a creative and flexible educator and the learning experience that can bring students growth in the future.

Alexandra Lin

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