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San Education Academy is a United States-based international online school. Our mission is to provide equal access to quality education to students from all countries, cultures, and social backgrounds. Our curriculum includes over 70 courses from 6 subject areas for students from Grade K to Grade 12. With a diverse team of teachers representing 18 countries across four continents, we offer our students a truly multicultural learning experience. Meet our team at

Our Teaching Philosophy

Connections Matter

In a world where effective remote collaboration is a prerequisite for success, we hope to help our students establish life-long connections with peers from different corners or the world and untap the potential of cross-cultural synergies.

Customizable Learning

Traditional school subjects are important for all students, but we hope to help each student identify their unique interests and master specific skills they consider important. This is why instead of long curriculum-based courses we offer small learning modules that can be combined into a unique personalized learning path.

The Offline Age Is Over

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution era, students can hardly succeed without having a strong understanding of ICT. We do not use technology to teach: we teach how to use technology. We are constantly exploring new ed tech tools and share them with students and parents because we want to promote the culture of life-long learning among all stakeholder groups of our organization.

Why Crowdfunding?

Massive school closures during the COVID-19 pandemic are an unprecedented event in modern history. For many young children, it has become the most stressful experience in life. To help students and their parents navigate this period of disturbing uncertainty, we want to make our courses available for free for all children of the world.

Collaborative online learning with live instructors and classmates is a great way to interact with the world outside while maintaining social distancing. When you know that you are in the same boat with people from other cities, countries, and continents, going through harsh times is much easier.

We have a special training program for students designed to help them get familiar and comfortable with ed tech tools used in selected courses, and we also have a comprehensive onboarding program for new teachers that helps us ensure a consistently high quality of teaching.

At this point, we need 9,000 US dollars to allow 200 students to attend online courses in June, and we appreciate every sponsor who donates to help us accomplish this goal!

Our Value

Over the years, we developed a flexible and efficient teaching model based on blending learning. Blended learning is an approach to education that combines online educational materials and live interactions. In this approach, the online portion effectively replaces some of the face-to-face contact time rather than merely supplementing it. Hence, students have a greater control over the time and pace of their learning while teachers can allocate more time to supporting individual students, developing better courses, and monitoring student progress.

Four reasons to try blended learning

*Progress monitoring

Parents can easily keep track of their child's performance and have access to all of the learning materials, so they can help their child if he or she does not understand a certain concept.

*Better guidance

While students complete their courses, the corresponding results and statistics are immediately fed into the LMS. It makes it easier for instructors to identify students' weaknesses and provide personalized support to individuals or groups.

*Self-paced learning

Students can prepare for class whenever they want and take any length of time to finish (as long as it is before the deadline). Also, the LMS allows to control students' progress and send timely reminders to parents if someone is lagging behind.

*Adjustable difficulty

Once students have a basic foundation on a certain subject, instructors can deliver more in-depth learning material to those who are looking for a challenge.

Our Value (Continued)

Our proprietary teaching model consists of three components: live online lessons on Zoom, self-learning resources on the learning management system (LMS), and ongoing group projects managed with external apps.

Teacher-led Live Lessons on Zoom

Component focus:

  • public speaking and debate skills

  • active listening skills and empathy

  • peer learning and mentoring

  • on-the-spot decision making

  • confidence

Self-paced Learning on LMS

Component focus:

  • reading comprehension and critical thinking

  • writing fluency

  • time management and organization

  • self-reflection and self-discipline

  • independence and self-reliance

Online Collaborative Project

Component focus:

  • multimedia expertise

  • taking and sharing responsibility

  • multitasking and prioritizing skills

  • experimental/constructivist learning

  • cross-cultural competence

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