Only yourself can limit your vision, your dream, and your ambition

Let me list you several social medias to see how people express themselves, I believe you guys have heard most of them while watching my videos, they are Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat(I don't have an account on it), TikTok (this is in people's mouths right now), Twitter, and of course there are more out there. I subscribed to some channels on Youtube that were created by outgoing people, introverts, or groups for some comedy, songs, and knowledge. People post on Facebook and Instagram to show their lives which is colorful for me, or even sell some products and services on these platforms, or try to set up groups to gather people for some themes. There are so many possibilities if you are brave enough to put yourself out there. Like right now, I make videos to tell more people why I think international education bring students the most, it was an unbelievable goal when we just planned to have such education organization online, there are so many difficulties, but giving up is not a term we are going to use on the progress of building this academy for the current children. The cost of chasing a dream is much lower than 20 years ago, why not give it a try? It is keenly competitive, but still possible.

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