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San Education Academy is an online academy based in Taipei, which offers different subjects and language classes to students from all over the world. Our mission is to bring solutions to students who can’t find excellent teachers from their locations, to build up an international classroom for learners where they can both learn knowledge and cultures, and to let our students have opportunities to have a study or work experience in different countries. After having such a multicultural education background, SEA students will find many open doors in the future for both their professional and personal lives.

Because of the Internet and the new technologies, it is now possible to study with people from different corners of the world. SEA is a platform for global teachers who don’t want to limit themselves in teaching local students, but instead, are willing to take such a big challenge teaching multicultural online groups of students. Teaching at SEA is never an easy job, many teachers can feel frustrated and even make mistakes. However, the teachers who work here are capable of learning from their past mistakes and make the students happy to be learning new things.

SEA aims to be an online school where students can find courses on many subjects taught by professionals within their fields who are willing to share their knowledge and passion for learning. Our students will have professional educators who will lead them in the right direction, and they will also make friends online with people who have similar interests and study the same subjects. We are not only offering an online academy with high-quality teaching, but we are also encouraging our students to be part of an international network.

In local schools, most students study in the same environment, which means all their schoolmates have the same culture, they speak the same language, think the same way and share the same traditions. As a result, once the young generations grow up, they find it hard to understand people with different points of view, people who behave differently or think in a different way. At SEA, you have the opportunity to be in a class with a teacher and classmates who are from different cultures and speak different languages. However, you all still have a common language to study together and can explore the world in a virtual classroom; this is what we describe as a real International Learning Environment.

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