Is there any difference between late and absence?

Late - arriving to class after it started.

Example: Class starts at 6:00pm, but someone shows up at 6:08pm.

Absence - missing 50% or more of the class.

Example 1: Grade 5 class starts at 8:00pm, but someone shows up at 8:25pm.

Example 2: K1 class starts at 6:00pm, but someone shows up at 6:14pm.

30-minute class, missing 15+ minutes is an absence.

45-minute class, missing 22+ minutes is an absence.

We understand that you may have to miss some classes. Things happen.

Just like a normal school, attendance is very important. If you are usually late, or do not come to class then you will not perform well.

SEA teachers are required to be in class 5 minutes before it starts. For example, if class is at 6:00pm, then the teacher will be there by 5:55pm. You are welcome to join as well to get ready before class starts.

If you are going to be late, or absent please e-mail the teacher in advance.

Remember, each class is recorded so students can review it after class. We recommend all late or absent students to watch the class video so they can see the material they may have missed. How to be qualified to get the course certificate?

To qualify for a course certificate students must:

1) Have less than 3 absences the whole semester.

There are 18 weeks in a semester.

2) Complete both an individual, and team project.

For details on these projects, ask your teacher.

3) Pass a final test (B level and up).

If you can do all of these then you will be given a course certification.

The exact details of the projects, tests and other course information will be determined by the teacher. As we encourage our students to be creative, we like our teachers to do the same. Your teacher will know the best type of projects for you and the class.

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