Imperfect is perfect

Imperfect makes us keep learning and improving ourselves on the road to perfection, though we all know there is no perfect exists. I still remembered Ryan, a little boy, sat for the whole class and did nothing in class until all classmates finished the class and left, he started to cry. I wondered why?

Because I was not angry with him when we all practiced typing in class, so I didn't understand what made him cry? He waited until no other else stayed except he and me, then he told me he was angry with himself that he could not type as fast as other students, he was always the last to finish every exercise. This little boy felt unconfident because he was a perfectionist, he wanted himself to be the top of the class, but typing made him always the last one. Computer class made him unhappy, so I suggested that he stop this class because this course didn't bring him joy like bringing joy to other kids. But he refused, he said if he quits now, everyone will know he was behind the class. Then I asked him if he had any idea how to change this situation? He said, " Can you tell my mom to help me practice at home?"

"Wow! You find a solution to this problem! I will tell your mom later. And from next class, we will slow down this practice and do some other things, so you will have enough time to catch up!" I replied. Ryan was happy to go home and never cried about the same issue again. A couple of months later, he told me he was the only one who knew word typing in the whole grade 1 of his public school. If we realize imperfect is similar to diversity, we will easily see many beauties from imperfect like we see the colorful aspects from diversity, both of them make this world great.

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