How to use the free resources suggested by SEA?

There are so many free resources available online that it is tough to keep track. Just go to YouTube, Udemy, and other teaching/video sites and you’ll see a lot of free material. Everyone should take advantage of all the free material available to them.

We hope to create the best learning experience for students. Part of doing this is helping them even outside the classroom.

Children are super busy. They go to multiple schools, do homework and try to maintain a childhood at the same time. Though our classes are only 30 to 45 minutes long, we hope you can continue learning outside of the classroom. If your student has free time, we suggest healthy activities such as exercise, play and reading. These will actually help them become smarter, and better students.

Think of free resources as additional material, or a way to review. How you use them can be up to you. Here’s what we recommend:

Ask the teacher about areas of weakness

Is your student struggling with phonics? How about grammar? You can use this to start to think about which areas you need to improve the most.

Try different resources

Free isn’t always good. Some resources are better than others. Find what works for you.

Use the free resources to review about 20 - 30 minutes each day

The goal of studying is not to spend the most time remembering something. Short and simple is very effective at improving levels.

You should always ask your teacher about available resources online. Teachers tend to know best about which material is good or not, and how it can help students. Subjects like science and math are often difficult to find material for.

Consider some of these free resources:

Be sure to check your phone’s app store as well.

Answered by Chris Ternosky #freeonlineresources#learningoutsideofclassroom#askteacheryourweakness#healthyactivities#shortandsimple

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