How to review?

Review is a key component for learning and memory. If you want to maximize learning efforts then it is important to review. After a few weeks of a subject, teachers will often review in class. This sometimes occurs before a test or project.

However, it is still important for students to review in their free time. As mentioned in a prior article, review can be used as a replacement for homework. The goal in taking classes is for students to learn, and not to do homework.

There are various tools you can use to review with your children.

1) Every class is recorded. You can have your students review the class. If they are reviewing make sure they are focused on the task. Students should be repeating key ideas, vocabulary and concepts while watching the video as if they were in the class. Give your children the opportunity for focused review on days when there is no class.

2) Review the actual course material. Teachers will share PowerPoints, PDFs and other lesson materials with each student. You are always welcome to review that material as it is readily available.

3) Create your own review material. For vocabulary, definitions and other concepts flashcards may be useful. Writing the word on one side, the definition on the other can be a fun activity for your children. They can decorate the cards a little and maybe draw pictures to help them memorize the vocabulary. Flashcards, games and other activities are all useful review tools that should be used.

How and what you do for review will depend on the level and ability of the student. The idea behind reviewing is to make it impactful. You want students to have fun while learning. If they are happy and engaging the material, they will retain the information much better. For more advanced subjects, and particular cases you can consult with SEA Customer Service and the class teacher for suggestions. Your teacher might know particular issues that your student could benefit through some review.

These are just some simple suggestions on how to review with your students. It is very important to review, if you want to maximize the benefits of classes and learning.

Answered by Chris Ternosky

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