How to memorize vocabulary?

Vocabulary is certainly an important part of any language, but we can learn it in a variety of ways. We naturally learn vocabulary through using language, and as we are exposed to it, our ability to memorize it will improve.

San Education Academy classes are designed with choosing the most suitable vocabulary per level and subject. Teachers will use different words depending on the level even if it is the same subject. If you are interested in particular words, please ask your teacher or see the texts they are using.

Memorizing vocabulary can be a fun activity to take a break from other learning methods. In lower-level English classes, there will be a lot of new vocabulary to learn. Each day the teaching will review the previous vocabulary, and so over time children will get a solid foundation.

The simplest, and most effective way to memorize vocabulary is through use of flashcards. On one side you can write the English word, and the other you can use your native language, or the definition of the word in English. When there are new words to learn, add it to your flashcard deck. Eventually you will have a stockpile of vocabulary to study each day. There are many ways to use flashcards. Every teacher will have something different, but sometimes it is best to stick to some simple principles.

1) Only study flashcards about 15 to 30 minutes each day.

The goal here is to not spend the most time studying, but rather to be efficient.

2) Study vocabulary 1 - 2 hours before bed.

Studies suggest that much of the memorization process takes place during sleep, and so studying just before sleep may yield better results compared to later in the day.

If you follow these two simple steps your vocabulary will improve greatly.

There are also many amazing apps and resources available on the internet.

Quizlet is one of the best, and also free flashcard apps. There are already decks available for a variety of subjects including English as a second language.

Answered by Chris Ternosky #memorizevocabulary#usinglanguage#practiceeveryday

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