How to know if my kids have improved through the classes?

Improvement is always the goal. We want ourselves, teachers and especially the students to get better. Improvement in anything happens over time through dedication and effort. If your student continues to participate in class, understand the material and questions from the teacher then improvement will be the result. Teachers are keenly aware of which students are improving.

A high-quality teacher will have a fairly great understanding of each student’s level and how they are progressing. You are always welcome to ask customer service ( about your student’s level and performance. By communicating with the teacher we can get an accurate understanding of how your child is performing. As children get older they will be more aware of their ability. They will know whether they are improving or not. Until then, it is best to rely on a combination of teacher’s feedback, as well as performance in the class on assignments and activities.

Teachers will provide opportunities to check students’ knowledge about the subject they are studying. For example, a Phonics teacher might play various games with the alphabet. Through this they can listen and provide immediate feedback to your children. The teacher will know if a student struggles with a particular concept then they can work towards improvement. On top of this, at the end of every semester the teachers will provide written feedback to every student about their overall performance, and areas they may struggle with.

Contrary to popular belief, tests are not always an indication of level or improvement. Today tests come with unnecessary stress and pressure. These physiological and psychological factors have a direct impact on the lives of children. By overtesting we are actually working against the very thing we all set out to do - help children lead a happy, and healthy life full of opportunities.

Tests certainly have a use in the classroom. They can be used as great tools for learning. Through testing we can know a little bit more about a student’s level and ability. There are some recommended English tests worth looking into. Cambridge English, TOEIC and IELTS offer great resources for those interested.

Semesters are 18 weeks long. That is a lot of time for your child to improve in a variety of ways. Our goal at SEA is to always help your child improve because we know how more opportunities will become available.

Answered by Chris Ternosky

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