How to improve my writing?

This is a big, and difficult question to answer. The short answer is, find areas of weakness, and ways to improve through that.

The best way to know get an evaluation of your writing is to prepare some writing samples and give them to a teacher. You are welcome to give some to your teacher, but please remember the teachers are very busy. It will be up to that teacher to decide if they want to help, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

If you ever want to get better, you need to set goals and be specific. “How to improve my writing?” is too vague. Improve to what level? By how much?

Here is a better example: “How do I improve my essay writing?”

An even better example: “How do I improve my use of verbs in essay writing?”

As specific as you can get: “How do I improve my writing to get an IELTS score of 6.5?”

So, now you know:

1. What your weak areas are (verb conjugation, vocabulary variety, etc.).

2. A specific goal to improve.

The next step is to find materials, plan methods and ways to work towards your goals.

This of course, will involve a lot of writing. However, most people overlook the importance of reading. You must read material that you wish to emulate. If you want to write non-fiction, science-based material then you need to be reading that. See what vocabulary they use. How do they structure sentences?

Now, if you compared non-fiction to fiction you might find different things. You are beginning to see how to improve your writing. How to make it more like you want.

Improving for a specific test can be a bit easier. Tests like IELTS, TOEIC and the Cambridge series offer plenty of free, online material just a couple searches away.This website is full of practice tests, examples and studying material. The online material is best for self-study students. Practicing listening, and reading are suitable for someone who wants to study alone because they do not require much interaction. However, if you want to improve your speaking or writing you need feedback. Writing, in particular, requires a knowledgeable and skilled instructor to analyze, and provide guidance for test-takers.

The role of the teacher is to help identify areas for improvement and put the student on the right path to success. Teachers and students have a mutual relationship. They are learning from each other. Teachers are learning how to better teach and help students. Students are learning social skills, knowledge and interests are they grow up.

One way to get better at anything is to ask people better than you how they did it. How did they get so good at _________? Their knowledge can save you a lot of time and energy. Anybody who is great at anything learned it from something, or someone else. We can learn from those better than us, see how they failed, and learn from their mistakes.

Here are some other useful tools for improving your writing:

Grammarly ( - This is a great app/plug-in to use on a computer or smartphone. It will help find mistakes in your writing, and correct them.

BreakingNewsEnglish ( - Popular news stories will be summarized into easier to understand articles. Each one comes with various writing activities as well. The writing tends to be very clear and direct.

The British Council ( - The British Council is well known for is excellent free resources. They cover many topics in the English learning world.

Ask SEA Customer Service ( for upcoming writing class opportunities.

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