How to estimate how much a student has learned?

A paper test result with a number on it? It only tells how much a student has memorized. A diploma that shows what a student has finished? Too many previous cases have already told us what professional courses people have finished won't exactly relate to their careers. A diploma only shows a person's learning path. Then, how do we know if a student learned or not? To be honest, it takes time.

We encourage students to try their best on any projects they are assigned, teachers reward students with their attitude and efforts on the progress of doing the projects instead of rewarding the outcomes, so the performance students have done will be close to the real situation of what they have learned. What if a student didn't do his best for his work even if we did encourage him? Well, it will be the teacher and parents' job to figure out what's wrong with this student. We all know people won't feel tired when they are doing something they are interested in, and the result when people are forced to do something they don't like won't be great. Filling students’ needs is the first priority when we want to help students learn the most. Alexandra Lin #futureeducation #worldschool #privatelearning #distanceschooling #globalschool #multiculturalschoolroom #fulltimetravel #expatfamily #internationalschool #kotiopetus #kotikoulu #hemskola #hemskolning #hemundervisning #hjemmeundervisning #koduõppe #thuisonderwijs #instructionparentale #elernen #educacaodomiciliar #homeschool #homeschooling #homeeducation #elearning #onlineschool #virtualclassroom #virtualacademy

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