Every individual is different, this world is amazing because of...

Every individual is different, this world is amazing because of the diversity

If we agree that each child is different, we should understand that there is no perfect assessment can precisely evaluate children's potentials, neither can the performance of a kid in the school, since right now the schools are not able to provide the integral training or courses to students to prepare for those unknown skills in the future. But because of the different potential each of us has, we can team work to let each one have the most contribution and make the whole group the best. The world wheels better, and people build up their own confidence through the value they dedicate to the group they belong to.

I encourage children to spend more time on their interests and potentials, this is the preparation for their own lives. I don’t think they need to waste too much time on those things that they are not good at or they have no interests. The equal is everyone has 24 hours a single day, but how a person uses them makes the outcome different. Those who are able to turn their interests into their careers are the ones with happiness, they can also obtain themselves with confidence and security by solving the problems they had met and overcoming the obstacles on their ways, which support them going through the tough period. The more confidence and security a person has, the more this individual will fulfill in the life.

Many factories that goods produced by robots have better yield rates than those produced by human beings. Robots could take over 20 million jobs by 2030, study claims. Here are those AI and machines may not do better than human: creativity, strategy, critical thinking, communication, technological management, imagination and vision. Let your child spend time on cultivating some of them.

Alexandra Lin

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