Can we just learn computer skills through watching the videos instead of signing up for the courses?

Yes, you can definitely learn the computer skills through watching videos. Though it is not advised.

There are plenty of free courses available online through these resources:

Google Digital Courses




Each of these websites offer free courses on a large number of subjects.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to learn through watching a video. Children need to have some sort of hands-on experience to get the full benefits of online courses. If you wanted to learn to cook, would you read a book about cooking, or find a recipe and start to make something? It is better to give students opportunities to play with software, fail and see how they work.

Our goal is not to teach students how to use Software ABC or XYZ. We want children to develop the skills to use all software. We want children to develop a love of computers and technology so that all future learning and courses become much easier.

Computer skills are essential for learning. Even if you do not attend SEA or other online platforms, you will still need to know how to use a computer. Most schools have computers and will eventually incorporate their use more as time goes on. If your children are able to learn the skills now, they are setting themselves up for more success in the future.

Knowledge works like compound interest. The earlier you acquire it, and as you slowly grow so will your wealth of knowledge. If your students are in their teenage years with very limited computer experience, they are behind the majority of the developed world.

San Education Academy is 100% online, and has developed courses to help your children learn online. Let’s work together to see what we can do.

Answered by Chris Ternosky

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