Can we ignore the courses that related to Math and Science?

Yes. Right now you are free to choose which classes you would like to sign up for.

Though we focus primarily on English, we do offer a diverse set of classes for the global environment.

However, there is value in having a wider range of skills and knowledge. Students tend to favor some subjects, and disregard the others. These subjects can be different per student and they even fluctuate.

We encourage you to sign up for classes you may not know very much about. If you think there is a subject you may like, then try it. Each semester the first week begins with a trial week. This is the perfect time for you to try out other classes.

Math and science are critical in education therefore it is important that all students at least be exposed to it.

If you hate math or science at such a young age it may be because of poor experience with a previous class or teacher. A bad teacher can have a lasting effect on children and their love of the subjects. Consider trying math or science with a teacher that you like. A great teacher will make a boring subject interesting a challenging.

With science you may find some areas boring but others fun. The idea of studying physics for five hours a week might help you fall asleep, but you might really enjoy biology.

Instead of saying “I don’t want to take any math or science classes anymore.” you can look at which classes these subjects offered each semester to see if there are any you like. If there are some particular subjects you are interested in, then please let your teacher know. We like to design classes with the interests of students in mind. These classes are in English, so even though your math may be high..

Answered by Chris Ternosky

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