Can parents attend class with kids at K level?

Yes, and we highly encourage it.

These kids are very young, and many of them have limited experience with computer technology. They will need help with class. However, after time the students will learn routines and develop positive virtual classroom behavior. Please read more for some tips and tricks on how to best help your student learn online.

If you would like to attend class with your children, you are more than welcome to. The more the merrier!

1. Please limit distractions for your child.

Young kids are easily distracted. It is already hard enough for the teacher to keep them entertained, but if parents and family are distracting the student then they will not learn. Be there with them if you want to participate in the class.

2. Do not answer for your child.

Many parents want to help their child succeed in class. We do, too. In order for SEA teacher to best help your children, it is important that they try to answer questions for themselves. Let your children try to listen/repeat what the teacher says. If the teacher says “Can you say ‘banana’?” please let your child answer first. The teacher will likely realize your child is having difficulty and the teacher can help. After this, you are welcome to try to help your child answer questions. However, please be aware that children need to hear what the teacher says so encourage them to focus on the teacher.

3. Turn off the microphone if you are speaking.

The classes are meant for the students. We do know parents will always speak to their children at home, and we highly encourage that. However, please be sure your microphone is off when speaking to your children. We want to create an English-only environment in the class. When you are speaking your native language it can be a distraction for others.

4. Please be off-camera.

We want the focus of the camera to be on the student. This will help them connect with other students much better. Instead of James + his mom, it is only James.

5. Have fun with!

Learning does not need to be boring. You can find ways to make it fun with your student. This is especially true when they are younger and just beginning to learn English. You can watch class, see the types of games the teacher plays and think about how you can try those games at home.

Thank you, and we really do hope you attend class with your kids. We want the classes to be fun and beneficial for everyone. Parents can learn too!

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