Can I still sit in the class if my account was removed already?

Can I still sit in the class if my account was removed already?

The first week of the semester is Trial Week. During this time you are allowed to try out different classes without any limitations. Once the week is over you are expected to sign up for your classes and attend them for the rest of the semester.

Each week the teacher receives a list of students enrolled in the class. If you are not on this list then you are not in the class. At the start of the class the teacher will note who is here. If there are unrecognized emails or accounts then they will be removed. Therefore please use an English name, or English letters for your Zoom account name. The first few weeks the teacher is still getting to know everyone and may forget some names of students.

Please check with to confirm which classes you are in if you are not sure. If you attend a class that you are not supposed to then the teacher will remove you, and you will be unable to join again.

If you want to attend the class just to observe that can be arranged. However, you will not be able to show up to any class you would like. You must arrange an observation or visit prior to the class with SEA and the teacher.

Another reason the teacher may remove you from the class is due to poor behavior. Please ensure that you are focused on the class, and not distracting other students. If you are not disobeying the teacher’s orders then there should be no problem. However, if the teacher does remove you from that particular Zoom meeting, then you will be unable to join until next class. Zoom does not allow removed participants to rejoin the same meeting.

Zoom will tell you if you have been removed from the class. Sometimes there are errors which cause you to leave the classroom. This does not mean the teacher removed you. Please try to reconnect ASAP. Should you continue to have connection issues please let us know.

If you believe you were removed from class unfairly or mistakenly then please contact

Answered by Chris Ternosky


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