Can I sign up for a course but only watch the recorded class videos?

Unfortunately, no.

In a future date, we may allow non-students to view class videos but we do not allow that currently.

Recorded videos are tools for students to use. They are there to help them understand the class material and make-up for missed time. Videos are kept on an internal storage database for the semester. Once the semester is completed, all data is erased. Students often use these videos for review and as a way to prepare for exams.

Moreover, if you’re not in the class you will not benefit much from only watching course videos. The majority of learning happens in live classrooms. It is important to interact with the teacher and classmates. We hope to create the best opportunities and environment for students, and so being in the class as well as watching recordings is essential.

If you are curious about how our classes look, please ask about some sample videos. We can show you unedited recordings from previous classes. You can get a better understanding of how classes work before you join. Also, you would be able to test some classes before you actually make a purchase. Each semester we allow anyone to try our classes for free before signing up.

There is plenty of free material online. If you want video lessons then please consider using these websites:

Thanks again, and as always if you have any questions please contact

Answered by Chris Ternosky #recordedvideosaretools#majorityoflearninginliveclassroom#internalstoragedatabase

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