Are the courses provided at SEA related to those taught at the traditional schools?

Schools and education are changing rapidly. The idea of a traditional school is fading away. Certainly students will continue to attend school every day, but whether they will learn the same subjects as their parents did is up to the local education system. The benefit of an online education opportunity is that you can escape the normal, traditional ways of teaching and find out how the rest of the world is learning.

Traditional schools tend to have classes related to math, science, social studies, and the local language. More and more they are incorporating other subjects such as computers, arts and foreign languages. However, it is often difficult for them to meet the demands of holding a successful class. To learn a foreign language requires an expert in the language. This is especially important for pronunciation. It is ideal for students to learn pronunciation early and from a native speaker. Depending on where you are from, you may not have access to a foreign teacher.

SEA provides top-quality teachers from around the world. These teachers are experts in their field, and have years of teaching experience. The teachers specialize in a subject and are adept at sharing the knowledge with your students. You will learn from the experts.

Unlike other schools, we hire teachers who specialize in subjects so you know you are getting the very best.

Each semester SEA will release various core classes such as English as a Second Language (Phonics, Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking etc.), science, math, and social studies. On top of the common classes, teachers will open unique classes that you won’t find in a traditional school. In the past, we have had classes related to cooking, video games, music, philosophy, academic writing. They are uniquely created each semester so you are always getting the freshest material.

Additionally, if there is a class you want that we do not currently have, we will work with you to open a class. We are keen on maintaining a strong network of teachers, and we can find the right teacher for your class if there is strong interest.

Please contact service@seaup.org for more information about how to request particular classes.

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