Are phonics teachers English native speakers?

Being a native English speaker is not a requirement to be a good teacher.

Native English speakers can speak English well, but whether or not they are able to teach it to others is an entirely different story. All SEA teachers are well qualified to teach the classes they have. Some of our teachers are native English speakers, and some are not.

We look for the best teachers. It is that simple.

We understand that it is important to parents that their students’ teacher be a native English speaker. We will leave that decision up to you. Our teachers are happy to share their teaching, and cultural background with you.

Typically, native English speakers will teach early-stage phonics. As mentioned in previous articles it is important for students to build a solid foundation, and that is key for phonics. All phonics teachers will either be native English speakers, or speak at that level.

Later it will be useful for your child to learn from a variety of teachers. English is a global language, and the accents used are diverse. Understanding the various accents is difficult, but will come over time.

We always welcome feedback for our classes. So, if you have any suggestions on how to make phonics class better please let us know.

Answered by Chris Ternosky




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