Any exercises for handwriting practice?

I plan to let kids homeschool, but SEA doesn’t assign any exercises for handwriting practice, will it have any adverse effects?


Currently, SEA is a supplement to local schools. In the future, we will have students attend SEA full-time. We cannot offer a full education to students at this time, so it is still suggested that students find other sources of education. If you choose to homeschool, that is an excellent choice and we hope to work with you on your education goals. We are always collecting feedback especially from our homeschooling families, so please let us know what we can do to help you achieve your goals.

Handwriting is important in any language. If your child is studying English, it is best to have them begin handwriting at about the same time they would do it in their native language. In general, kids can begin holding a pencil around ages 1-2 where they can draw, and develop some of the motor skills they will use later for handwriting. Writing ABCs and small words can begin around ages 5-6. Local schools typically do the same with the native language. Hopefully, your students are starting early with beginner phonics and vocabulary. Here they will be able to identify letters and words, so they can develop their understanding.

Handwriting is best practiced outside of class time. It is better to use class time to interact with the teacher, and focus on important material.

We suggest that students practice this as homework. For example, for the first few couple of years studying English, it is good to develop handwriting skills. For 30 - 60 minutes a week students can use a pencil to write letters by using a template (some will be listed below) or simply writing on a paper.

You will need to print this material, but we recommend the following:

You can also try searching “ABC handwriting template”, “handwriting worksheet”, or something similar.

If you have a smartphone or tablet you can probably access some handwriting applications that way. However, because most of them cost money we cannot recommend any.

As with studying anything, we recommend short intervals over time. For example, we may recommend students to practice handwriting for 5 hours a week. This does not mean we want them to spend Sunday evening writing for 5 hours. We hope they can practice about 45 minutes on Monday, the same on Tuesday and so on. This is more powerful, and beneficial than binge studying.

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