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Connecting people from all around the world

In a world where interacting with diverse cultures is the norm, we hope to help bridge the gap. The internet is the most powerful education tool we currently have. Together, we are able to connect excellent teachers with promising students. 

The Modern Classroom is Online

Computer technology use is becoming more and more popular. Students today cannot succeed without having a strong understanding of computers, and the internet. In order for students to stay competitive, they need to increase their skillset. 

Expanding Students’ Abilities

Traditional school subjects are important for the students, but we hope to expand their knowledge. Our teachers offer a wide range of classes from languages and culture to science and technology.


What Is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is an approach to education that combines online educational materials and live interactions with instructors and peers. In this approach, the online portion effectively replaces some of the face-to-face contact time rather than supplementing it. Therefore, students have a greater control over the time and pace of their learning while teachers can allocate more time to supporting individual students, developing better courses, and monitoring student progress.

What Is Blended Learning?

In the past, the only two types of learning interaction available to students were live teaching session and assessments. As the time went by, students got access to online learning materials, but instructors and parents had little or no control over the use of these resources. However, the blending learning approach not only offers students the benefits of combining live interaction with self-learning, but also allows instructors, parents, and students themselves to monitor learning progress.

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San Education Academy

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SEA is a global academy for a modern global environment, where learning and technology come together thanks to our excellent teachers who provide the highest quality standards of education for our international students. Join our webinar for teaching opportunities!


At SEA we connect students with teachers from all around the world. All the students are matched with the right course and teacher for their needs.

We are offering online courses for everyone!


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